Invisible Walls Wales

Invisible Walls Wales re-imagined and re-framed the experience of family visits to HMP & YOI Parc in Bridgend to reduce re-offending rates and the legacy of intergenerational transmission of crime. Recognising that 6 in 10 children with fathers in prison will also enter the criminal justice system, they created a unique model of interventions. The prison visits facility was reverse engineered to be warm and inviting with a ‘food hall’ feel, more conducive to positive family engagement, which has a proven impact on recidivism. Each year, 20 families identified as high risk were assigned a mentor who could assist with a range of challenges including substance misuse and debt. Services such as homework clubs and after-school activities were offered as part of the family visits service. Reoffending rates have been dramatically reduced. 69% of prisoners at HMP Parc have regular family contact, compared to 48% nationally, and substance misuse amongst the adult clients fell by a statistically significant 66%.

Project Leads: HMP Parc, G4S


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