Sand Dune Project, Swansea Bay – A Nature Based Solution

Wind-blown sand from Swansea Bay is often deposited on the cycle path and road, causing hazards for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and expensive clean-up operations for Council departments. A partnership project with Natural Resources Wales and City and County of Swansea addressed this problem by managing and encouraging sand dune creation. Areas of the beach were fenced and volunteers were used to plant marram grass which stabilises the dunes and ‘locks up’ the mobile sand. The dunes have been establishing for a year now – dramatically reducing the amount of sand deposited on the road and cycle path. This means less maintenance, and cost savings to the council of more than £20,000 per year.  Other benefits of the sand dune project include; improved aesthetics, habitat creation and coastal defences against extreme weather and sea level rise

Project Partners: City and County of Swansea, Natural Resources Wales

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