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HARP Seed and Nourish FAQs

18 November

We have collated answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the new HARP Seed and Nourish strands.

Below we have collated answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the new HARP Seed and Nourish strands. We'll be adding to this as more questions come up. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please contact [email protected]


What are the deadlines?

The deadlines for Expressions of Interest for both Seed and Nourish are Monday 23rd November 2020.

Will there be just one call-out/round of applications?

Nourish will only be available once. Seed may re-open for applications late in 2021.

How many people will you take through beyond interview stage?

We anticipate supporting 4-5 Seed partnerships and 8-10 Nourish partnerships.

Is this primarily for health care settings rather than community settings?

Both settings. It would be advisable for community settings to have a named public sector partner.

What does non-health organisation mean? Can organisations/charities who have never done health specific projects apply?

Yes they can, but they would need to have identified a population cohort and a health condition that they intend to improve and have some idea of how they would do that. For example, an organisation that offers community drumming workshops open to all might propose to evaluate whether the community drumming class reduced anxiety among men over 40 who are unemployed by asking them to complete an online questionnaire after each session for three months.

Can individual hospitals/health centres make an application?

They can apply on their own as host sites for Seed.

What if your project includes a cross Health Board collaboration?

That is OK and very welcome however there would need to be a clear indication as to which Health Board is leading on the application as Health Boards can only lead one Nourish application each.

Can an artist be involved in both a Seed and a Nourish application?


Are you open to neurodiverse & disabled artists being part of the Seed programme and how do you envisage supporting access for those artists?

Yes the fund is open to neurodiverse and disabled artists and we would ensure that all access requirements are discussed and supported.

Can I clarify that only organisations can apply for Nourish? Can individual artists apply for the Seed with a specific project idea that hasn't started?

Nourish is for existing arts and health partnerships ready to deliver and develop existing ideas, identifying their own goals and challenges which they share with a network of partnerships, working together to make progress on. Seed involves the HARP programme bringing together health organisations and arts organisations/artists in teams (where a partnership does not already exist) to generate new ideas.

What is the process for matching artists with Health Places in Seed?

HARP will be facilitating a Sandpit event to build strong Seed teams around each of the health Challenges. Health Collaborators and Arts Collaborators will participate in interactive and creative activities that focus on building strong teams with shared interests, complementary skills and a good range of perspectives.

At the end of the Sandpit event, teams will have an opportunity to share an initial team plan with the HARP team. 4-5 teams with the strongest plans will then be invited to continue in Seed, based on mutual sign up from both the Arts Collaborator and Health Collaborator.

Is the HARP programme open to artists from all art forms?

It is open to all art forms.

Can Health Boards make more than one Nourish application?

We are encouraging just one application from each Health Board, to either Seed or Nourish.

As a freelancer, I work for myself as well as with organisations. I have ideas for all. Can I apply for more than one project?

The Seed call would be the most relevant to you as you will be put in touch with lots of health places and can mutually decide which idea to take forward.

Can you explain how the ‘evidence focus’ for Nourish works.

Yes, HARP will be offering research and evaluation support to all partnerships however in your application we’d like to see evidence that you have thought about it and done some groundwork such as identifying which population cohort and which health condition are you seeking to improve through your project. A very good website with tools to support evaluation in arts and health can be found here:

Will there be enough funding to fund projects long enough to assess the impact of the arts as preventative healthcare or will projects be focused on specifics that can be measurable in the shorter term?

The funding we are offering is time-limited (3 months for Seed and 12 months for Nourish). Participating teams will be equipped with the tools to measure short-term and long-term impact within the duration of their project. Team members (and the data lead in Nourish applications) will be responsible to conduct their own project evaluation. We will be inviting all teams to take part in a 3-month post-project interview.