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HARP COVID-19 Sprint Challenge

How can the arts support people living through lockdown? How can access to arts interventions be improved? Our sprint challenge will aim to build our knowledge to support more people in Wales. 

Over the past few weeks we have been talking to our sponsors, health boards, arts and health organisations / practitioners and networks including in Wales, as well as in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to understand what’s going on and where we might add value within the learning agenda of the HARP Programme.

The HARP programme team have designed a challenge that aims to build our knowledge on arts and health in the context of COVID-19.


Image shows a person wearing a virtual reality headset painting with a palette and canvas

The Sprint Challenge

We have convened a team of artists, arts facilitators and arts & health professionals, to work together in May and June 2020.  As a team they will consider cohorts, map needs, set goals and come up with ideas to test, which build on community, creative and healthcare assets already in place.

For this sprint, the overall question will be:

How do we improve pathways and access to arts interventions that support different groups during this time and beyond?

We have chosen this focus from within our wider HARP learning agenda, because we believe it has the most potential for short and long-term impact, but still allows the team the space to shape the work through mapping of cohorts and assets.

Y Lab will facilitate a quick, light-touch process that offers resources, funding and coaching support, as well as measuring the impact of the ideas and researching the process via our Cardiff University Arts and Health Research Fellow (Dr Sofia Vougioukalou).

How to get involved

Applications to participate in the Sprint are now closed and the team has been selected.  We will be sharing stories and disseminating findings (and learning) from the Sprint challenge from July 2020 onwards, via our website, social media and events.