Open Call

Expressions of Interest: COVID Behaviours Programme

22 June

We are looking for public sector or community partners from across Wales to take part in a new innovation programme focussed on developing, testing and scaling effective ways to support people and communities to live and work in ways that are Covid-safe.



Who are we looking for?

We want to work with people and organisations who are actively engaged in the response to Covid in their local area. This could be in health, social care, public health, or other connected areas within a local authority or health board, community or voluntary sector. Partnerships from across these or other sectors are very welcome to apply. We are looking particularly for local teams that want to test ideas and assumptions to develop effective ways to move forward in supporting self-isolation and risk reduction. For example this could include monitoring, tracing, disease control, prevention, or health promotion. Through the programme we will

be specifically focusing on interventions relating to self-isolation and risk reduction.

We are particularly interested to hear from cross-sector partnerships, please do include examples of existing partnership working in your expression of interest.

We are looking for partners and places where we can focus on:

  • Self-isolation: throughout the pandemic communities have had to navigate changing rules and regulations that aim to control and prevent disease spread. The programme is looking for partners to test ways of supporting people to self isolate, as and when needed.
  • Risk reduction: as immunity grows in the population through vaccination, a key challenge will be encouraging individuals to move from adhering to rules to understanding risky situations and mitigating them, whether that is around safe behaviours for meeting in groups, responsible tourism or other emerging challenges. The programme is looking to test different ways of supporting individuals and communities to better understand risky and safe behaviours.

The programme will be fast-paced, highly collaborative and inclusive, working with national stakeholders, local partners and communities across Wales.

Together we will:

  1. Explore challenges
  2. Build ideas
  3. Test new solutions, including in communities with those most affected

This is a Welsh Government programme, delivered in partnership with the Behavioural Insights Team, Y Lab (the Public Services Innovation Lab for Wales - a partnership between Cardiff University & Nesta), and the People Powered Results team at Nesta. Participants will receive bespoke support incorporating behavioural insights expertise, a rigorous approach to research and impact including access to the latest evidence and best-practice, and structured facilitation and coaching support to test and develop interventions in communities. The learning from the programme will inform decisions taken across Wales.

What will the programme look like in practice?

Between July and December we will, with partners, explore and contextualise challenges related to Covid Behaviours, and then

design and test interventions that seek to influence them, including working with local areas and place-based teams to test solutions on the ground. Each place will be encouraged to adopt a collaborative, cross-sector partnership approach.

The programme will take place over four stages:

  • Stage 1: Explore and contextualise the challenges and emerging evidence and consider what success looks like
  • Stage 2: Develop potential solutions to achieve desired behaviours and create the conditions for rapid testing these solutions
  • Stage 3: Practically test ideas to generate insights and better understand implementation
  • Stage 4: Sustainability & scale phase to include evidence of theoretical and emerging empirical findings and a scaling framework for interventions and further behavioural insight.

Your commitment:

Participating places will need to commit to:

  • Attending and taking part in online sessions/workshops, including three half day workshops in July. This will include being available to attend key scoping workshops on Tuesday July 20th (time tbc), Friday 23rd (time tbc), Thursday 29th (time tbc).

The objective of these workshops will be to explore the local context and identify challenges, opportunities and target behaviours. We anticipate half a day a week commitment from participants across the life of the programme, with some periods of more intense activity. Organisations taking part will be asked to release relevant staff to attend workshops as outlined above and carry out any required preparation.

  • Developing collaborative approaches to supporting people most affected by self isolation and risk reduction, including in workshops designed to develop, test and spread effective interventions
  • Working with the partners to develop potential solutions to support positive responses relating to isolation and risk reduction
  • Helping to develop, test and consider how to scale and spread impactful interventions and ideas in partnerships with others across sectors and in the community
  • Supporting national programmes and feeding learning into national strategy

What does the support look like?

You will have access to support, including coaching, facilitation, research and behavioural insights evidence to help you in your efforts throughout the duration of the programme. This will include:

  • In-depth research and evidence gathering to inform and support design
  • Design support to develop ideas and create the conditions in which to test them
  • Ongoing expert coaching and facilitation to unblock challenges, support your thinking around impact, and...
  • Access to a small funding pot available to support the testing of ideas

How to get involved

You can express your interest by filling in the google form describing your experience of the pandemic and the themes you wish to explore. The deadline is 9th July at 5pm.

Contacts and information

We’ll hold an informal, virtual, drop in session on: Monday 28th of June at 3-4pm

To register your interest email us at: [email protected]