A cuppa with...Lene Krogh Jeppesen and Niels Jakobsen, Center for Offentlig Innovation Denmark

16 September

We invite you to join us for a (virtual) cuppa, the chance to hear how a public service organisation is innovating during the pandemic.

A cuppa with Y Lab is part panel, part Q&A, part randomised coffee trial.

We want to give a platform to the stories of innovation that have emerged in public services during lockdown. We also want to give people the chance to meet and network.


The Event

We'll be chatting to Lene Krogh Jeppesen and Niels Jakobsen, Consultants at Denmark's Center for Offentlig Innovation (COI). COI devleoped the first Innovation Barometer and are in the process of producing a manual to help other countries to measure innovation in the public sector.

Lene is responsible for the work on evaluating innovative initiatives and for COI's innovation awards, and she maintains co-operation with Nordic national actors on public sector innovation.

Niels is involved in initiatives on spreading innovation and capacity building through collaborative projects with COI's partners.


Portrait of Lene Krogh Jeppesen of Center for Offentlig Innovation
Lene Krogh Jeppesen, Senior Consultant, COI
Portrait of Niels Jakobsen, Consultant at Center for Offentlig Innovation
Niels Jakobsen, Consultant, Center for Offentlig Innovation


Event Details

Date: Wednesday 18th November

Time: 3pm - 3.55pm


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About the 'Cuppa with' events

Who are the events for?

Anyone who is interested in public services in Wales. They might particularly appeal to those who are working in local government, housing, health and social care or community settings and who have an interest in innovation. 

How it works

3pm - Intro to the session

3.05 pm - Panel Part 1 - How has the pandemic forced you to innovate?

3.20 pm - Randomised Coffee Trial - we'll split into breakouts for a quick chat/networking opportunity.

3.30 pm - Panel part 2 - Innovating into the future - what's next?

How do you see innovation playing a part in the near and medium-term future for you?

3.45 pm - Q&A

3.55pm - Finish


How do I sign up?

Use the registration link to confirm you attendance with Eventbrite. We will be in touch with joining instructions before the event. If you have any questions about participating or would like further details, please email [email protected]


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