Abstract arts, red, blue and pink splatter

Rhaglen Waith

Y Celfyddydau ac Iechyd

Lansiwyd ein rhaglen Celfyddydau ac Iechyd, HARP yn 2019 mewn partneriaeth â Chyngor Celfyddydau Cymru, a'r bwriad yw cynyddu ein dealltwriaeth o'r modd y gall y celfyddydau chwarae rhan fwy blaenllaw yn lles pobl Cymru.

Mae Y Lab (Nesta a Phrifysgol Caerdydd), Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru a Chydffederasiwn GIG Cymru yn gweithio gyda'i gilydd i gynllunio rhaglen a fydd yn caniatáu i ymyriadau celfyddydol chwarae rhan fwy blaenllaw yn iechyd a lles pobl yng Nghymru. Drwy gefnogi sefydliadau celfyddydol ac iechyd i gynllunio, profi a threialu syniadau newydd, bydd y rhaglen yn eu helpu i ymateb i'r cyfleoedd a'r sialensau sy'n eu hwynebu.

Who is the programme for?

HARP is for health places and arts people and places to come together to deliver arts and health activities and projects. Two strands are to support different stages;

  • Seed is for new ideas or projects to generate - or ‘seed’ - those initial great ideas and innovate at pace.
  • Nourish is aimed at existing arts and health innovations to provide support and funding so the can survive and become embedded in health places.

We are defining ‘health places’ as health boards or trusts, local authorities, social care settings and non-profit health organisations located in Wales.

We are defining ‘arts places’ as arts organisations and self-employed artists and freelancers located in Wales.

What funding and support is available through HARP?

Grants of £3,000 for Seed projects and up to £35,000 for Nourish projects are available. Between January and December 2021, there will be a tailored programme of support and facilitation which all projects will participate in. More information about the offer and commitment is available on the Seed and Nourish pages. This funding has been made possible by a £450,000 investment of Arts Council of Wales Lottery funding. 


How do we find out more?

More information about the Seed and Nourish strands is available on their dedicated pages.

We are holding two briefing sessions to share more information about the programme and how to apply. 

You can also email [email protected] to talk to one of our programme team. 

Who is involved?

We are working with Arts Council of Wales, Welsh NHS Confederation and Wales Arts, Health and Wellbeing Network to support innovation and learning for arts and health in Wales.


Evidence and learning

The impact of this programme on the patients, staff and systems involved will be studied by Research Fellow, Dr Sofia Vougioukalou. The findings will be used to inform future service development for arts and health far beyond the teams and organisations involved. We see this as a programme that will benefit the whole ecosystem of arts and health in Wales.


Image shows three lottery funding logos for Arts Council Wales, National Lottery and Welsh Government