Image shows a landscape view of the Cardiff skyline with tall buildings and cranes against a blue sky with clouds.

Programme of Work

Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund

We are working with the Cardiff Capital Region to deliver a new challenge fund that aims to use innovation to address societal challenges.

The Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Challenge Fund invites applications from public sector organisations to partner with private companies to develop and test new ways of improving services for people in the area.

Three key challenge themes have been identified: accelerating decarbonisation, improving regional health and wellbeing, and supporting, enhancing and transforming communities.

Image is a landscape photo of Cardiff's skyline in day time with a sunny blue sky and a few clouds.
Image: Mike Erskine via Unsplash


The Challenge Fund will galvanise the collaboration between Cardiff University researchers and the CCR on local economic we jointly strive to find solutions to key societal challenges.

Gill Bristow, Professor of Economic Geography at Cardiff University

The University’s Centre for Innovation Policy Research will join Y Lab to develop challenge proposals in collaboration with the public sector bodies and the CCR team. 

More information including details of application process is available on Cardiff University's website.