Arts and Health

Using the arts for health and wellbeing

18 July 2019

Y Lab has launched a new programme of work to explore the contribution of the arts in keeping people healthy in Wales.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re launching a new programme of work in partnership with Arts Council of Wales, and working closely with the Welsh NHS Confederation, to explore how we increase the role of the arts in keeping people in Wales healthy and well.

Much has been written about the role that the arts play in keeping people healthy and well, and preventing ill-health - and there’s lots of great practice that already happens, so we’re building from solid foundations.

We are keen to understand how the arts can play a more prominent role in the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales and, importantly, where new ideas are needed to make this happen.

The arts, creativity and the imagination are agents of wellness: they help keep the individual resilient, aid recovery and foster a flourishing society.

All Party Parliamentary Group Report, 2017

The All Party Parliamentary Group’s report on the Arts and Health states:

“The arts, creativity and the imagination are agents of wellness: they help keep the individual resilient, aid recovery and foster a flourishing society.”

How can we increase the number of people who experience the health benefits of engaging in the arts, whether as a participant or member of an audience?

Bold new ideas are needed to increase the reach and impact of the arts and we hope this programme will start to support organisations, networks and individuals to overcome challenges and respond to opportunities.

Pimp My Zimmer! Occupational Therapy team of Sycamore Ward, St Woolos Hospital.

What we’re doing

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be talking to as many people as possible to make sure we’ve really understood the problems, challenges and opportunities in this space. We have a good idea of where support for new ideas is needed but we want to check that this is reflected back by people already working at the intersections of the arts and health right across Wales.

Our challenge is this:

“How can arts interventions that promote wellbeing and prevent health-related issues occurring, play an impactful and sustainable role in the lives of people in Wales?”

We want to design a programme of support that focuses on the spaces where big, bold, new ideas are genuinely needed and where we can make some impact using the resources we have. We can’t do everything so we need to ensure we’re focused in the right places.

Once we’ve firmed up our logic model and defined the areas that we need to prioritise, we’ll start looking in detail at the different types of support we might provide to make this happen.

How to be involved

We hope to launch a programme of support for innovation in this space in the Autumn of this year - and you can help us shape the programme by getting in touch.

As a starter, we’re curious to know what questions you’d be asking if you were in our shoes? Which networks, organisations and individuals are leading the way that we should talk to, both in Wales and beyond? 

Email us at [email protected]