Infuse: Innovative Future Services

Our partnership with Monmouthshire County Council and Cardiff University will work with ten local authorities over three years to build capacity for innovation. 

Infuse (which stands for Innovative Future Services) is a £5.6 million programme to support local authorities in the Cardiff Capital Region to access new skills, methods and tools that improve their capacity and capability to innovate. 

The programme is a partnership lead by Monmouthshire County Council with Cardiff University and Y Lab and funded by the European Social Fund through Welsh Government with matched funding from the ten local authorities and the Cardiff Capital Region

Rooted in real-life challenges, this three-year programme will identify and work collaboratively to tackle two thematic areas of high importance to the Cardiff Capital Region; Accelerating Decarbonisation and Supportive Communities.

The programme will be delivered through three ‘Labs’ that have specific workstreams:

  • The Adaption Lab – Running for six weeks participants will be provided with information and tools to help them understand how to adopt or adapt innovations successfully to suit their context and needs.
  • The Data Lab – Running for six weeks, participants will be provided with tools to help them ask ‘good data questions’ in relation to the two Infuse themes. We’ll cover the importance of data ethics, the different types of data and how these can help inform decision making, and introduce participants to what’s made possible by applying data science techniques.
  • The Procurement Lab – Running for six weeks, participants will learn how to maximise the impact of public spending to achieve their broader strategic goals. The lab will provide tools and techniques, that can be used by anyone in an organisation, to ensure the greatest ‘value’ is achieved when commissioning, or purchasing goods and services.

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