Guide: Repayable Finance for Innovation in Public Services

We produced a guide to running an Innovate to Save programme, taking you through the three phases of supporting projects to improve services and deliver cashable savings. 

The Innovate to Save Playbook

In 2017, Y Lab launched Innovate to Save, a three-phase programme that aimed to fund and support innovation in public services in Wales.

We held workshops, talks and briefings, reaching 131 innovators in public services from across Wales, to talk to them about their ideas. After supporting eight projects through research and development, we received four applications for unsecured, interest-free loans from projects that had discovered an idea that improved their service and generated cashable savings.

We want to share what we learned.

But what if you wanted to try a similar programme? We hope that the Innovate to Save Playbook will be useful to anyone who might want to build a programme to stimulate public services innovation and find out how loan funding can be used.

We’re still learning what works and the Playbook is a reflection of where we are today. Download the guide below and get started on running your own programme.